Perceptions- My Two Fulus


ME: Am a stay-at-home-mom who enjoys being one and loves to watch her 8 year old daughter grow. Having been born and raised in Delhi, I’m a Delhiite to the core with a heart of a Malayali. I’m currently based in Dubai, a city I’m getting to know and waiting to fall in love with.

I moved in here in June 2014 from Doha, Qatar- a place I didn’t like being in initially, but went on to grow on me and gel with me perfectly, much to my surprise! And now I am fervently hoping that I take to Dubai just as perfectly well.

Music is something which is ingrained in me.It always soothes me whenever I’m low. I love listening to anything thats pleasing to the ears. Apart from that my hobbies include travelling, shopping(more specifically for my daughter), reading(not voraciously though, but works of selected few like Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, and more recently Khaled Hosseini, Chitra Divakaruni, Indu Sundaresan) ,playing Scrabble(to the point of being addicted to it), net-surfing, pouring my heart out to my husband(oh yes,he is my primary vent turf) and for the last six years, blogging.

THE BLOG: This space is to mainly share my thoughts and experiences happening in and around me, the way I perceive. And since I firmly endorse the view that everyone is entitled to an opinion, this is the space where I give my two cents worth opinion on anything and everything that affects me or otherwise. However, being in a region where not cents, but fulus are valued, I have chosen to share my thoughts worth two fulus 😉 Hence the name ‘PERCEPTIONS- MY TWO FULUS’ 🙂
Blogging liberates me whenever I speak my mind about things I feel strongly about, excites me every time I come across like-minded people who relate with my posts, makes me see the other side of my viewpoint when people disagree with me. So blogging is one aspect of my life I am glad I ventured into.

The two constant mentions in my posts will be the two people around whom my life is woven. R, my husband and Namnam, our daughter raising whom we learn a new facet of parenting everyday.



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